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Antimicrobial peptide
1 mg

LL-37, also known as hCAP18, is the C-terminal part of the only human cathelicidin identified to date called human cationic antimicrobial protein (hCAP).

LL-37 exhibits a variety of immunomodulatory functions such as bactericidal action, chemotaxis, activation of chemokine secretion and antisepsis effect [1].
The synthetic LL-37 peptide has been shown to suppress the inflammatory response induced by LPS and other TLR ligands [2].


1. Scott MG. et al., 2002. The human antimicrobial peptide LL-37 is a multifunctional modulator of innate immune responses. J Immunol. 169(7):3883-91.
2. Mookherjee N. et al., 2006. Modulation of theTLR-mediated inflammatory response by the endogenous human host defense peptide LL-37. J Immunol. 176(4):2455-64.

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Working concentration: 1 -50 µg/ml

Solubility: Water (1 mg/ml)


Molecular formula: C205H340N60O35

Molecular weight: 4493.37

Purity: ≥ 95 % (HPLC)

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LL-37 is provided lyophilized.

  • 1 mg synthetic LL-37
  • 1.5 ml endotoxin-free water

room temperature LL-37 is shipped at room temperature.

store Store at -20°C.

stable Lyophilized product is stable 6 months when properly stored.

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