Custom Cloning

Custom-made pSELECT Unit size Cat. code $ £ Order
Gene subcloning
20 ug p-custom-select From 800€ From $1100 From £600 Ask for a quote


Custom-made pDRIVE Unit size Cat. code $ £ Order
Promoter assembly and subcloning
20 ug p-custom-drive From 800€ From $1100 From £600 Ask for a quote

Customized plasmid construction suited to your needs

InvivoGen is at the leading edge of research and development in vector construction, gene delivery, and gene expression systems. With more than 20 years’ experience in cloning, our specialists offer a choice of custom cloning services at very competitive rates with a short turn-around time. Our expert team works closely with you to provide customized plasmids that are designed for your specific research needs.


- Custom-made pSELECT : Gene subcloning

- Custom-made pDRIVE : Promoter assembly and subcloning


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• Gene subcloning : Custom-made pSELECT
InvivoGen offers a large collection of genes provided in pUNO1, an expression plasmid selectable with Blasticidin. If the use of this antibiotic does not suit your needs, our experts can subclone any of our genes into a pSELECT plasmid carrying the selectable marker of your choice : hygromycin, G418/Geneticin, puromycin, Zeocin or GFP::Zeocin.

• Promoter assembly and subcloning : Custom-made pDRIVE
You can create your own composite promoter by combining the enhancer, core promoter and 5’UTR chosen from InvivoGen’s extensive collection (listed below). We will assemble this composite promoter in a pDRIVE plasmid harboring a reporter gene (SEAP, Lucia luciferase or GFP). Additionally, you can choose a gene of interest from our library. The pDRIVE plasmid is provided with a selectable marker Zeocin®.

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  • Rapid processing
  • Ready-to-use custom-made product
  • Cost-effective
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Custom-made pSELECT and pDRIVE plasmids are provided as 20 µg of lyophilized DNA.


Room temperatureProducts are shipped at room temperature.

StorageUpon receipt, products should be stored at -20°C.

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Custom-Made pDRIVE List

Enhancer Name Origin Specificity
AldA Aldolase A Human Ubiquitous
AFP Alpha-Fetoprotein Human AFP-positive cells
CEA Carcinoembryonic antigen Human CEA-positive cells
hCMV Human Cytomegalovirus Viral Ubiquitous
mCMV Mouse Cytomegalovirus Viral Ubiquitous
P2 Adipocyte P2 Mouse Adipose tissue
PSA Prostate specific antigen Human PSA-positive cells
SV40 Simian virus Viral Ubiquitous
Tie2 Angiopoietin receptor Mouse Vascular endothelial cells
Tyr Tyrosinase Mouse Melanocytes and melanoma
Ubiquitous Promoter Name Origin Specificity
Beta-Act Beta-Actin Human Ubiquitous
hCMV Human Cytomegalovirus Viral Ubiquitous
hEF-1alpha Elongation Factor 1 Human Ubiquitous
rEF-1alpha Elongation Factor 1 Rat Ubiquitous
chEF-1alpha Elongation Factor 1 Chimpanzee Ubiquitous
FerH Ferritin H Human Ubiquitous
FerL Ferritin L Human Ubiquitous
Tissue-Specific Promoter Name Origin Specificity
bAlb Albumin Bovin Liver
hAlb Albumin Human Liver
CD43 Leukosialin Human Leukocytes and platelets
CD45 Leukocyte Common Antigen Human Hematopoietic cells
NSE Neuron-Specific Enolase Rat Mature neurons
Tumor-Specific Promoter Name Origin Specificity
AFP Alpha-Fetoprotein Human Hepatocellular carcinoma
CEA Carcinoembryonic Antigen Human Epithelial cancers
PSA Prostate Specific Antigen Human Prostate cancers
Tyr Tyrosinase Mouse Melanoma
5' UTR Name Origin Activity
AdTp Adenotripartite Viral Enhances translation
mEF-1alpha Elongation Factor 1 Mouse Increases mRNA translation
chEF-1alpha Elongation Factor 1 Chimpanzee Increases mRNA translation
eIF4g Eukaryotic initiation factor 4g Human Contains a putative IRES
HSP70 Heat shock protein 70 Human Increases mRNA translation
NRF NF-κB repressing factor Mouse Acts as a potent IRES
HTLV RU5’ Human T-cell leukemia virus Viral Increases mRNA translation
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