Vaccine Adjuvants

InvivoGen provides the largest choice of preclinical grade vaccine adjuvants. They include approved adjuvants, such as aluminium salts, and candidate adjuvants, such as the PRR agonists, CpG ODNs and imidazoquinolines.

OVA Antigens

Ovalbumin (OVA) is one of the most widely used antigen for immunization and biochemical studies. InvivoGen provides two grades of the ovalbumin protein and two standard OVA peptides.

DNA Vaccination

Additionally, InvivoGen has developed genetic adjuvants for DNA vaccines; the pBOOST plasmids that potentiate the immune response to a specific antigen, and the DNA vaccine plasmid, pVAC, specifically designed to stimulate a humoral immune response by intramuscular injection.

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