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InvivoGen offers monoclonal antibodies directed against a broad range of human, murine, or rat protein targets including cytokines, PRRs, immune checkpoints, or other cell surface markers. Our high-quality antibodies are reliable tools for various applications such as neutralization and/or detection. We also provide special bioluminescent ELISA kits (LumiKine™ Xpress kits) designed to quantify cytokine levels in the cell culture supernatant, serum, and plasma samples.

Our portfolio includes well-known clinically relevant antibodies for biosimilar studies as well as a library of corresponding isotype control antibodies. We also provide an expanding collection of InvivoFit™ recombinant mouse anti-mouse antibodies. They are designed to possess a minimum of xenogeneic sequences and undergo sterility and functional tests in order to be specifically suited for in vivo studies. All our antibodies are either produced in Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO) by recombinant technology or hybridoma-derived. Each lot is tested for functionality to ensure robust, reproducible, and reliable results. Our growing collection includes monoclonal antibodies for a variety of disciplines including cancer research, vaccine development, COVID-19, and inflammation research.

Additionally, we also provide two families of mAb-producing plasmids for antibody generation that facilitate isotype switching and efficient purification of antibodies from biological samples. Different purification reagents are also available, including Peptide MProtein L, and Protein G.

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