LumiKine™ Xpress kits

Three step bioluminescent ELISA kits

LumiKine™ Xpress kits are bioluminescent ELISA kits designed to quantify the levels of cytokines in cell culture supernatant, serum and plasma samples, more rapidly than classical “sandwich” ELISA kits (at least 1 hour).

In the LumiKine™ Xpress kits, the biotinylated secondary antibody and the streptavidin-Lucia conjugate are replaced by a Lucia-conjugated secondary antibody, eliminating an incubation step for faster detection. Lucia luciferase is a small secreted coelenterazine-utilizing luciferase with strong and stable bioluminescence properties.

The levels of cytokines are determined by measuring the luminescence instantaneously produced by Lucia luciferase after hydrolysis of its substrate provided in QUANTI-Luc™. The bioluminescent signal is assessed by luminometry. 

Contents: capture antibody, Lucia-conjugated antibody, recombinant cytokine, QUANTI-Luc™, white immunoplates

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