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Coelenterazine-utilizing luciferase detection medium
2 pouches (2 x 25ml)
5 pouches (5 x 25ml)

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Secreted luciferase detection medium

QUANTI-Luc™ is a lyophilized assay reagent containing all the components required to quantitatively measure the activity of Lucia luciferase and other coelenterazine-utilizing luciferases.

QUANTI-Luc™ is optimized for use with Lucia luciferase reporter cell lines for fast and efficient real-time measurements directly from the cell culture media.
QUANTI-Luc™ contains the coelenterazine substrate for the luciferase reaction, which produces a light signal that is quantified using a luminometer and expressed as relative light units (RLU).

The signal produced correlates to the amount of luciferase protein expressed, indicating promoter activity in the reporter assay.

  • One step reagent: just add water to prepare the assay reagent.
  • Substrate stability: reconstituted substrate is stable for up to a month, allowing multiple application use.

For increased signal intensity and stability, InvivoGen has developed QUANTI-Luc™ Gold. QUANTI-Luc™ Gold has been optimized for high throughput screening (HTS) assays.

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Ready to use: Just add water

Cost effective: One pouch is sufficient for 5 x 96 well plates

Practical: Working reagent is stable for at least one month

Use with Lucia luciferase:

  • Exceptional sensitivity and reproducibility
  • No cell lysis required
  • Rapid acquisition of results
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QUANTI-Luc™ is provided as packs of individually sealed pouches.

  • rep-qlc1: 2 pouches of QUANTI-Luc™
  • rep-qlc2: 5 pouches of QUANTI-Luc™

Each pouch contains everything needed to prepare 25 ml of reagent allowing the preparation of 500 wells of a 96-well plate.

QUANTI-Luc™ is shipped at room temparature.

Store at -20°C up to 12 months.

After preparation, product is stable 1 week at 4°C and at least 1 month at -20°C.

Note: This product is photosensitive and should be protected from light.

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QUANTI-Luc™ Procedure

1. Prepare QUANTI-Luc™ reagent by adding 25 ml water to the contents of one pouch.
QUANTI-Luc Procedure Step1

2. Transfer samples, for instance 10 µl of media from cells containing the secreted luciferase to opaque 96-microwell plates suitable for your luminometer.
QUANTI-Luc Procedure Step2

3. Set up the luminometer prior to addition of 50 µl QUANTI-Luc™ reagent to each well either manually or by automated injection.
Measure luminosity in endpoint mode when using Lucia luciferase or in kinetic mode depending on the coelenterazine-luciferase used.

QUANTI-Luc Procedure Step3

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