Cloning plasmids with constant regions of the heavy (CH) chain and a secreted luciferase gene

pFUSE-Lucia-CHIgexpresses the constant region of the heavy chain (CH) of human, mouse or rabbit immunoglobulin isotypes. They contain a multiple  cloning site (MCS) upstream of  the constant region to enable the  cloning of the variable (VH)  region of a given antibody, Fab or scFv.

Moreover, pFUSE-Lucia-CHIg plasmids contain the Lucia luciferase gene upstream of the MCS and the CH region to serve as a tag to facilitate the detection and quantification of recombinant antibodies (direct immunofluorescence). Lucia is a secreted luciferase reporter protein with high protein carrier ability.

As heavy chains cannot be properly secreted in the absence of light chains, detection of Lucia luciferase in the cell supernatants reflects the presence of full-length antibodies.

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