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TLR3: racing for vaccine advantages

TLR3: racing for vaccine advantages

In this latest newsletter, InvivoGen reviews the challenges of exploring novel vaccine adjuvants and highlights a new era of TLR3-based ligands jockeying for advantages. We also introduce a number of new products, including the first HEK-derived dual reporter cell lines for TLR3 studies, a novel TLR3 agonist and promising vaccine adjuvant NexaVant™,  the recombinant type I interferon inhibitor B18R, as well as an extensive plasmid collection that allow you to create your own dual reporter...

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TLR3: racing for vaccine advantages

TLR3: racing for vaccine advantages

Toll-like receptors (TLRs) play a pivotal role in the initiation of prompt innate immune defenses, as well as in the activation of adaptive immune cells for enhanced and memory responses. Thus, TLR agonists are attractive candidates for vaccine adjuvants and cancer therapeutics

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