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InvivoGen provides the largest choice of vaccine adjuvants.

They are either already approved for use in human vaccination or still under investigation. They include particulate adjuvants, such as alum and emulsions, and molecules known to activate pattern recognition receptors (PRR), referred to as PRR agonists. Adjuvants are essential for enhancing and directing the adaptive immune response to vaccine antigens. They not only potentiate the immunogenicity and protection efficacy of vaccines, but they also help to avoid an exacerbated TH2-polarized response.

Adjuvants are known to exert their effect through different mechanisms. These include:

  • Alum & Emulsions – generate depots that trap antigens at the injection site for a sustained stimulation of the immune system through an increased recruitment and activation of antigen presenting cells (APCs).
  • PRR agonists – effectively activate a local innate immune response, predominantly targeting the APCs, and consequently influencing the necessary adaptive immune responses. Members of nearly all of the PRR families are potential targets for adjuvants.

InvivoGen adjuvants are VacciGrade™, a specific grade for preclinical studies. They are prepared under strict aseptic conditions, guaranteed sterile, and are thoroughly tested for the presence of endotoxins. InvivoGen also offers the standard antigen ovalbumin.

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COVID-19 related research

The vaccine development effort in response to the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in terms of both scale and speed. A number of different strategies are being explored for the development of a successful vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, most of them requiring the addition of an adjuvant to potentiate the efficacy and safety of the vaccine.

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