Quil-A® adjuvant

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Quil-A® adjuvant

Saponin vaccine adjuvant

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Saponin vaccine adjuvant

Quil‑A® adjuvant is a saponin adjuvant produced under GMP by Brenntag Biosector, a leader in the global vaccine adjuvants market, and purified by them through a proprietary process that ensures consistency and immunostimulatory potential.

Quil-A® adjuvant is used in a wide variety of veterinary vaccines, as well as in immunological research into human and veterinary applications [1,2]. Quil-A® adjuvant contains the water-extractable fraction of saponins from the South-American tree, Quillaja saponaria Molina.
These saponins belong to the group of triterpenoid saponins, that have a common triterpenoid backbone structure.

Saponins induce a strong adjuvant response to T-dependent as well as T-independent antigens [3]. Saponins also induce strong cytotoxic CD8+ lymphocyte responses and potentiate the response to mucosal antigens [2,3]. When combined with cholesterol and phospholipids to form ISCOMs (immunostimulatory complexes), Quil-A® adjuvant can activate both the cell‑mediated and the antibody-mediated immune responses to a broad range of viral, bacterial, parasitic, and tumor antigens [4].


InvivoGen products are for research purposes only; they are not for use in humans.
Quil-A® is a trademark that belongs to Croda and is registered in a large number of countries and regions worldwide.



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2. Singh M. & O’Hagan D., 2003. Recent advances in veterinary vaccine adjuvants. Int J Parasitol. 33:469-78.
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4. Sun HX. et al., 2009. ISCOMs and ISOMATRIXTM. Vaccine 27(33):4388-401.

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CAS number: 8047-15-2

Dry matter: ≥95%

Product is not sterile
Quil-A® adjuvant should only be injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

Dosing  Guidelines:

  • Mice: ≤15 µg/dose
  • Guinea pigs: ≤ 25 µg/dose
  • Rabbits: ≤ 50 µg/dose
  • Pigs: ≤300 µg/dose
  • Cattle: ≤750 µg/dose
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Quil-A® adjuvant is provided lyophilized:

  • 1 g lyophilized Quil-A® adjuvant

Product is not sterile. However, prior to lyophilization Quil-A® adjuvant has been passed through a 0.22 micron filter.
Hence, the product has very few colony forming units (CFU).

Quil-A® adjuvant is shipped at room temperature.

Lyophilized Quil-A® adjuvant can be stored from -25 °C to 25 °C.

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