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OVA 257-264

H-2Kb-restricted OVA MHC class I epitope

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1 mg


OVA 323-339

I-Ad-restricted OVA MHC class II epitope

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MHC class I and class II-restricted Ovalbumin epitopes

InvivoGen provides two peptides from the ovalbumin (OVA) model antigen:

  • OVA 257-264 is a class I (Kb)-restricted peptide epitope of the ovalbumin protein, presented by the class I major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecule, H-2Kb [1].

It has been demonstrated that OVA 257-264 peptides can be used to detect a strong CD8+ cytolytic T cell response [2].

  • OVA 323-339 encompasses an allergenic and antigenic epitope of the ovalbumin protein [3]. OVA 323-339 peptide binds to I-A(d) MHC class II protein [4].

OVA 323-339 has been used extensively to study the nature of class II MHC-peptide binding and T-cell activation [5-6].



1. Rötzschke O. et al., 1991. Exact prediction of a natural T cell epitope. Eur J Immunol.21(11):2891-4.
2. Lipford GB. et al., 1993. Primary in vivo responses to ovalbumin. Probing the predictive value of the Kb binding motif. J Immunol. 150(4):1212-1222.
3. McFarland BJ et al. 1999. Ovalbumin(323-339) peptide binds to the major histocompatibility complex class II I-A(d) protein using two functionally distinct registers. Biochemistry. 38(50):16663-70.
4. Johnsen G & Elsayed S. 1990. Antigenic and allergenic determinants of ovalbumin-111. MHC Ia-binding peptide (OA 323-339) interacts with human and rabbit specific antibodies. Mol Immunol. 27821-7.
5. Bickert T. et al. 2007. Murine polyomavirus-like particles induce maturation of bone marrow derived dendritic cells and proliferation of T cells. Med Microbiol Immunol 196:31–9.
6. Szymczak-Workman al. 2009. Cutting edge: regulatory T cells do not require stimulation through their TCR to suppress. J Immunol 1:182.

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  • OVA 257-264

Description: H-2Kb-restricted OVA MHC class I epitope
Sequence: SIINFEKL
MW: 963.2
Solubility:  1 mg/ml in water

  • OVA 323-339

Description: I-Ad-restricted OVA MHC class II epitope
MW: 1773.9
Solubility:  1 mg/ml in water


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  • 1 mg OVA 257-264 or OVA 323-339 provided lyophilized.

room temperature Products are shipped at room temperature.

store Stored at -20°C.

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