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Chicken egg albumin

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OVA protein for in vitro use

OVA (ovalbumin or albumin) is the most abundant protein in chicken egg whites. This glycoprotein is sufficiently large and complex to be mildly immunogenic.


OVA is a key reference protein for immunization and biochemical studies (Western blots, ELISA, ELISPOT).

Note: InvivoGen also offers a high-quality OVA EndoFit™, for you to obtain accurate and reliable in vivo experiments.


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Applications: Western Blot, ELISA

CAS number: 9006-59-1

Molecular weight: ~ 45 kDa

Purity: ≥ 95% protein (agarose gel electrophoresis)

Solubility: 40 mg/ml in water

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  • 1 g OVA protein, provided as a dried powder.

room temperature OVA is shipped at room temperature.

store Upon receipt, the product should be stored at 4°C.

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