LumiKine™ Xpress mIFN-α 2.0

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Mouse IFN-alpha bioluminescent ELISA kit 2.0
5 plates

LumiKine™ Xpress mIFN-α 2.0
LumiKine™ Xpress mIFN-α 2.0

Rapid bioluminescent murine IFN-α ELISA kit

LumiKine™ Xpress mIFN-α 2.0 is InvivoGen’s second generation bioluminescent murine interferon-alpha (mIFN-α) ELISA, using a Lucia luciferase-conjugated detection antibody. LumiKine™ Xpress mIFN-α 2.0 is an optimized ‘sandwich’ ELISA kit designed to rapidly and reliably measure the concentration of mIFN-α in various biological samples (cell culture supernatant, serum, and plasma).

After a single 2-hour incubation, the detection of mIFN-α is instantly determined using QUANTI-Luc™ Plus, a Lucia luciferase detection reagent. The bioluminescent signal is readily assessed by luminometry.

Features of LumiKine™ Xpress mIFN-α 2.0:

  • Single incubation: 2-hours
  • Limit of Detection: 7 pg/ml
  • Specificity: Murine IFN-α2 
  • Optimized antibody pairing: The capture and detection antibodies bind to different epitopes of the cytokine
  • No cross-reactivity with human (h)IFN-α2, hIFN-β, or mIFN-β

LumiKine™ Xpress mIFN-α 2.0 is provided with a standard recombinant mIFN-α2 produced in mammalian cells, to ensure the most accurate and sensitive calibration for the measurement of unknown levels of mIFN-α.


Determining unknown concentrations using LumiKine™ Xpress mIFN-α 2.0
Determining unknown concentrations using LumiKine™ Xpress mIFN-α 2.0

Figure 1: (A) A 7-point standard curve (beginning at 1000 pg/ml) was generated using a two-fold serial dilution of standard mIFN-α2. (B) Wild type (WT) and STING knock out (KO-STING) mice were injected intraperitoneally with CL592 (2 x 100 mg/kg), a STING agonist. After 4 hours, serum was isolated and diluted 1/50 using DMEM and 10% heat-inactivated (HI)-FBS. The concentration of mIFN-α in both samples was quantified using LumiKine™ Xpress mIFN-α 2.0. 

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Incubation time: 2 hours (after plate preparation)

Limit of detection: 7 pg/ml

Specificity: No cross-reactivity with  mIFN‑β, human (h)IFN-α2 or hIFN‑β

Target: Natural and recombinant murine IFN-α 

Standard: HEK293-expressed murine IFN-α2

Measurement: Bioluminescent ELISA - relative light units (RLUs)

Sample size and type: 50 µl of cell culture supernatant, serum, and plasma

Quality control:

  • The sensitivity of LumiKine™ Xpress mIFN-α 2.0 has been validated.
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LumiKine Xpress™ mIFN-α

LumiKine Xpress™ mIFN-α 2.0 contains:

  • 150 µg lyophilized mIFN-α capture antibody
  • 5 µg lyophilized Lucia-conjugated detection antibody
  • 100 ng lyophilized mIFN-α2 standard (HEK293-expressed recombinant cytokine)
  • 2 pouches of QUANTI-Luc™ Plus
  • 5 white flat-bottom MaxiSorp® 96-well plates with 5 plate sealers

room temperature Products are shipped at room temperature.

store Store at -20°C.

stable Lyophilized products are stable for 12 months when properly stored

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