Ig Affinity Resins

For fast and efficient purification of IgA antibodies from biological samples, InvivoGen provides Peptide M.

InvivoGen also provides Protein G for IgG purification, and Protein L for purification of both IgG and IgA.

The correct choice of purification method depends upon the immunoglobulin class, the species in which it was raised and the intended use of the antibodies.

Antibodies from tissue culture supernatant, serum or ascites can be purified using one or more of the following antibody binding proteins offered by InvivoGen.

Product Human κ light chain Human λ light chain Human IgA1 Human IgA2 Human IgG Human IgM Human IgE Human IgD Mouse IgA

Mouse IgG

Rat IgA Bovine IgA
Peptide M - - ++++ ++++ - - n/a n/a - - n/a +
Protein L ++++ - ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ -
Protein G - - - - ++++ - n/a - n/a ++++ n/a n/a
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