Human & mouse GENES in pUNO1

InvivoGen provides an expanding collection of over 1,800 full-length sequenced genes, mainly involved in immunity and cancer.

pUNO1 plasmid construct
pUNO1 plasmid construct

  • Fully sequenced human and murine genes (some genes from other species are also available).
    Provided as open reading frames (ORFs) from the ATG to the Stop codon, excluding introns and untranslated regions. All sequences are available online on the gene page or can be emailed upon request. As the ORFs are amplified from cDNA libraries, a variant form (allele) is sometimes obtained. Most of the variations have been reported in Genbank. Genes for naturally secreted proteins include the native signal sequence. Engineered proteins meant to be secreted (such as particular fragments of longer proteins, like angiostatic proteins) may include the signal sequence of the human IL-2.
  • Suitable for expression in mammalian cells.
    Each ORF is cloned in a mammalian expression cassette consisting of a potent and ubiquitous composite promoter (hEF1α-HTLV) and the strong SV40 polyadenylation signal. Each ORF is flanked by a unique restriction site at the 5’ and 3’ ends to facilitate its subcloning into another vector. Genes are supplied in pUNO1, a plasmid selectable in both bacterial and mammalian cells with blasticidin. Some genes are also provided in pUNO2 (Zeocin® selection) or pUNO3 (Hygromycin selection).
  • Engineered genes are also available.
    - Fusion genes (ie. IL12, IL39, ENDO::ANGIO) with the 'elasti' linker (VPGVG).
    - Genes with selected modifications (gain/loss of function mutations, dominant-negative versions, disease-related variations, interesting alleles).
    - HA-tagged genes (such as TLR and TLR-related genes) that allow efficient and specific detection by Western blot using the anti-HA tag antibody.
    - CpG-free genes.
  • 20 µg of lyophilized DNA provided with 2 x 1 ml (10 mg/ml) blasticidin.
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