Polymyxin B

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LPS-induced TLR4 activation inhibitor
100 mg

LPS-induced TLR4 activation inhibitor

Polymyxin B (PMB) is a cyclic cationic polypeptide antibiotic produced by the soil bacterium Paenibacillus polymixa.

PMB blocks the biological effects of Gram negative lipopolysaccharide (LPS) through binding to lipid A, the toxic component of LPS, which is negatively charged [1,2].

The neutralizing effect of PMB on LPS is dose-related and specific for LPS [3]. PMB is widely used to eliminate the effects of endotoxin contamination, both in vitro and in vivo.



1. Palmer JD, Rifkind D. 1974. Neutralization of the hemodynamic effects of endotoxin by polymyxin B. Surg Gynecol Obstet. 138(5):755-9.
2. Lindemann RA. 1988. Bacterial activation of human natural killer cells: role of cell surface lipopolysaccharide. Infect Immun. 56 (5): 1301–1308.
3. Duff GW, Atkins E. 1982. The inhibitory effect of polymyxin B on endotoxin-induced endogenous pyrogen production. J Immunol Methods. 52(3):333-40.

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Working concentration: 10- 100 μg/ml

Endotoxin level: <0.125 EU/mg

Solubility: Water (50 mg/ml)

CAS number: 1405-20-5

Molecular weight: 1301.56

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  • 100 mg Polymyxin B (Sulfate)

Polymyxin B is shipped at room temperature.

Store at 4°C.

Product as powder form is stable 6 months at 4°C.

Upon resuspension, Polymixin B should be stored at 4°C.

Filter sterilize and store at 4°C.

Resuspended product is stable for 1 month at 4°C.

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