TLR Antibodies

TLR Antibodies

InvivoGen provides a collection of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies targeting human and murine TLRs. Most of them have been developed in house.

Theses antibodies can be used for neutralization or/and for detection. The applications include Western blotting, immunoprecipitation, immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry.

Anti-TLR-IgA antibodies are recombinant monoclonal IgA2 antibodies against TLRs. They have been developed by InvivoGen using proprietary techniques. They have been selected for their ability to efficiently block the biological activity of these TLRs. They can also be used for flow cytometry (FC).

Anti-TLR IgG antibodies are mouse monoclonal antibodies against TLRs. They have been generated by InvivoGen using DNA vaccination and screened for their ability to neutralize TLR activity.

MAb-TLR and Mab-Dectin-1 antibodies are monoclonal mouse IgG antibodies. They can be used for various applications but have been tested in our laboratories only for neutralization and flow cytometry. MAb-TLR antibodies are also available conjugated with FITC.

PAb-TLR antibodies are polyclonal antibodies against human extracellular TLRs, developed by InvivoGen. These antibodies have been generated by DNA vaccination in rats. They were obtained by purification of the IgG fraction from the sera by Protein G affinity chromatography.

TLR Antibodies

Anti-CD14 AntibodyNeutralizing IgA2 monoclonal antibody to human CD14 (D3B8)
Anti-TLR1 AntibodiesAntibodies against human TLR1
Anti-TLR2 AntibodiesAntibodies against human and murine TLR2
Anti-TLR3 AntibodiesAntibodies against human TLR3
Anti-TLR4 AntibodiesAntibodies against human and murine TLR4
Anti-TLR5 AntibodiesAntibodies against human and murine TLR5
Anti-TLR6 AntibodiesAntibodies against human TLR6
Anti-TLR9 AntibodiesAntibodies against murine TLR9
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