CLR Antibodies

InvivoGen provides monoclonal antibodies targeting human and murine C-type Lectin receptors (Dectin-1, Dectin-2 and Mincle) for neutralization and detection.

Dectin-1 plays an important role in antifungal innate immunity. Dectin-1 is a specific receptor for β-glucans. β-glucans are glucose polymers found in the cell walls of fungi, including the yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Candida albicans.
Dectin-2 binds to mannose carbohydrates, such as the mannose-capped lipoarabinomannan of mycobacteria and α-mannans found in Candida albicans.
Mincle recognizes a variety of exogenous and endogenous stimuli, such as mycobacteria, some fungi and necrotic cells.


Anti-hDectin-1-IgGHuman Dectin-1 Detection and Neutralizing antibody - Monoclonal Mouse IgG1100 µg
Anti-mDectin-1-IgGMouse Dectin-1 Neutralizing antibody - Monoclonal Rat IgG2a100 µg
Anti-mDectin-1a-IgGMouse Dectin-1a Neutralizing monoclonal antibody - Monoclonal rat IgG2b100 µg


Anti-hDectin-2-IgGHuman Dectin-2 Neutralizing antibody - Monoclonal mouse IgG2a100 µg


Anti-hDectin-3-IgGHuman Dectin-3 Detection antibody - Monoclonal mouse IgG2a100 µg


Anti-hMincle-IgGHuman Mincle Detection and Neutralizing antibody - Monoclonal Mouse IgG2b100 µg
Anti-hMincle-BiotinBiotin-labeled human Mincle Neutralizing antibody - Monoclonal Mouse IgG2b100 µg
Anti-mMincle-IgGMouse Mincle Detection and Neutralizing antibody - Monoclonal Rat IgG2b100 µg
Anti-mMincle-BiotinBiotin-labeled mouse Mincle Neutralizing antibody - Monoclonal rat IgG2100 µg
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