Cloning & Expression Vectors

InvivoGen provides a broad range of cloning and expression vectors for different applications:

psiRNA™ System for cloning siRNA/shRNA inserts
pFUSE-CLIg and pFUSE-CHIg plasmids for antibody generation and isotype switching
pBroad and pWHERE are optimized vectors for rodent transgenesis
• expression plasmids, such as pVITRO and pVIVO for mammalian gene expression in vitro and in vivo, pSELECT-Tag for the expression of tagged genes, pDUO for the simultaneous expression of two genes
• for DNA vaccination, pBOOST can enhance immunogenicity or induce a Th1/Th2 biased response, while pVac facilitates the induction of neutralizing antibodies.

Disclaimer: Our products are provided for research purpose only. Commercial applications may require licensing from third parties.
Note that the sequence of available ORFs provided by InvivoGen can differ from a given reference Genbank record due to genetic variations and/or alternative splicing. Customers should verify that the version of a gene sold by InvivoGen is suitable for the customer needs.
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