CpG-free Plasmids

CpG-free Cloning Vectors

InvivoGen has developed a new family of plasmids that are completely devoid of CpG dinucleotides, named pCpGfree. pCpGfree plasmids contain elements that either naturally lack CpG dinucleotides, were modified to remove all CpGs, or entirely synthesized such as genes encoding selectable markers or reporters.

InvivoGen provides 5 families of pCpGfree plasmids: pCpGfree for in vivo studies, pCpGfree-basic, pCpGfree-promoter to study the effect of promoter CpG methylation in transfection assays, pCpGfree-vitro for in vitro and in vivo applications.

These products are covered by a Limited Use License (See Terms and Conditions).

pCpGfreeExpression vector CpG-free with MCS, LacZ or mSEAP mSEAP (20 µg)
MCS (20 µg)
LacZ (20 µg)
Lucia (20 µg)
pCpGfree-OVAOVA-expressing CpG-free plasmid20 µg
pCpGfree-basicExpression vector CpG-free for promoter CpG methylation study mSEAP (20 µg)
Lucia (20 µg)
pCpGfree-promoterExpression vector CpG-free for enhancer CpG methylation study mSEAP (20 µg)
Lucia (20 µg)
pCpGfree-vitro BlasticidinExpression vector CpG-free selectable in mammalian cells - Blasticidin MCS (20 µg)
LacZ (20 µg)
pCpGfree-vitro HygromycinExpression vector CpG-free selectable in mammalian cells - Hygromycin MCS (20 µg)
LacZ (20 µg)
pCpGfree-vitro NeomycinExpression vector CpG-free selectable in mammalian cells - Neomycin MCS (20 µg)
LacZ (20 µg)


pCpGrich-mcsCpG-containing control plasmid for pCpGfree vectors20 µg
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