pMONO plasmids are specifically designed for strong and constitutive expression of a gene of interest in a wide variety of mammalian cell lines. They allow the selection of stable transfectants and offer a choice of selectable markers for both E. coli and mammalian cells. pMONO plasmids contain a unique transcription unit that drives the expression of the gene of interest and the selectable marker through an internal ribosome entry site (IRES). This dual gene expression system ensures that stable clones express the gene of interest.

pMONO-blastiExpression plasmid with blasticidin resistance gene Basticidin - MCS (20 µg)
Basticidin - GFP (20 µg)
pMONO-hygroExpression plasmid with hygromycin resistance gene Hygromycin - GFP (20 µg)
Hygromycin - GFP (20 µg)
pMONO-neoExpression plasmid with neomycin resistance gene Neomycin - MCS (20 µg)
Neomycin - GFP (20 µg)
pMONO-zeoExpression plasmid with zeocin resistance gene Zeocin - MCS (20 µg)
Zeocin - GFP (20 µg)
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