Lucia luciferase

Lucia luciferase

A secreted coelenterazine-utilizing luciferase

InvivoGen’s Lucia luciferase is a completely novel and optimized luciferase with strong bioluminescent activity. It is expressed by a synthetic gene designed on natural secreted luciferase genes from marine copepods.
Lucia luciferase generates 1000-fold higher bioluminescent signal compared to the commonly used Firefly and Renilla luciferases. Lucia luciferase is designed for high and prolonged expression in mammalian cells.

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Lucia luciferase has several advantages over currently available luciferases and reporter systems:
- Lucia luciferase is efficiently secreted into the cell culture supernatant.
- Reporter activity is determined fast and easily in real-time without disturbing cells in one simple endpoint assay.
- Stable expression of Lucia luciferase makes this reporter system ideal for use in cell based assays and high-throughput applications.
The Lucia luciferase reporter system provides an improvement in the sensitivity, reliability and ease of your live-cell reporter gene assays.

Lucia luciferase

Reporter Gene System

QUANTI-Luc™Coelenterazine-utilizing luciferase detection medium
QUANTI-Luc™ GoldNEWCoelenterazine-based luminescence detection kit for standard and HTS assays
Lucia luciferase GeneLucia luciferase Reporter Gene in expression plasmid
Recombinant Lucia Luciferase ProteinPositive control for luciferase reporter assays

Reporter Cell Lines

Lucia luciferase Reporter Cell LinesReporter cell lines that feature the Lucia luciferase reporter gene

Luciferase Assays

Streptavidin-LuciaBioluminescent conjugate of Streptavidin

Reporter Plasmids

pNiFty3-LuciaSignal Transduction Reporter Plasmids
pSELECT-Lucia-TagExpression plasmid with a secreted luciferase (Lucia) Tag
pVITRO1-Lucia/SEAPDual reporter plasmids - EF-1α promoters - luciferase & SEAP
pVITRO2-Lucia/SEAPDual reporter plasmids - Ferritin promoters - Lucia & SEAP

Lucia-tagged antibody generation

pFUSE-Lucia-CHIgCloning plasmids with constant regions of the heavy (CH) chain and a secreted luciferase gene

Lucia-tagged Fc-Fusion proteins

pFUSE-Lucia-FcProduction of Lucia luciferase-tagged Immunoadhesins
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