Recombinant Lucia Luciferase Protein

A coelenterazine luciferase encoded by a synthetic gene

Recombinant Lucia Luciferase Protein is a positive control for luciferase reporter assays.

It can be used as an internal positive control and as a reference to produce accurate standard curves with QUANTI-Luc™, a coelenterazine-based luminescence assay reagent.

This monomeric protein is expressed in CHO cells. The mature protein has an approximate molecular weight of 24 kDa.

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August, 7th 2017
Recombinant Lucia Luciferase Protein is provided as a 10-µg unit size (previously sold as a 1-µg unit size). This product is now sold at a more competitive price. Please note the cat. code change from rec-lucia to rec-lucia-1.


Applications: Positive control for QUANTI-Luc™, a luciferase reporter assay reagent.
A dilution series of the recombinant Lucia luciferase protein can also be used to determine the linear range of the assay.

Formulation: 10% v/v FBS-containing DMEM culture medium

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• 10 μg lyophilized recombinant Lucia luciferase protein

Product is shipped at room temperature. Store at -20°C for 12 months.


Activity of recombinant Lucia luciferase protein

Activity of recombinant Lucia luciferase protein determined by measuring Relative Light Units (RLU) in a luminometer using QUANTI-Luc™.


Recombinant Lucia

Description Recombinant luciferase protein
Cat. Coderec-lucia-1
Unit Size10 µg
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