pFUSE-Lucia-Fc plasmids allow the production of Lucia luciferase-Tagged Fc-Fusion Proteins.
Lucia is a secreted luciferase reporter protein with advantageous characteristics when associated with Fc-fusion proteins. It possesses superior carrier ability for excellent secretion of the chimeric protein.

It provides a simple means to screen for recombinant clones and it minimally affects the activity of the protein of interest.

Quantification of Lucia-Fc expression can be determined using QUANTI-Luc™.


pFUSE-Lucia-hG1-FcLucia Luciferase-tagged Fc-fusion expression plasmid - Human IgG120 µg


pFUSE-Lucia-mG2a-FcLucia luciferase-tagged Fc-fusion expression plasmid - Mouse IgG2a20 µg
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