A coelenterazine-based luminescence assay reagent

QUANTI-Luc™, is an assay reagent containing all the components required to quantitatively measure the activity of Lucia luciferase and other coelenterazine-utilizing luciferases.

QUANTI-Luc™ is optimized for use with Lucia luciferase reporter cell lines for fast and efficient real-time measurements directly from the cell culture media. QUANTI-Luc™ contains the coelenterazine substrate for the luciferase reaction, which produces a light signal that is quantified using a luminometer and expressed as relative light units (RLU).

The signal produced correlates to the amount of luciferase protein expressed, indicating promoter activity in the reporter assay.


Ready to use - Just add water

Cost effective - One pouch prepares 5 x 96 well plates

Practical -Working reagent stable for at least one month

Use with Lucia luciferase:
Exceptional sensitivity and reproducibility
No cell lysis required
Rapid acquisition of results


QUANTI-Luc™ is provided as packs of individually sealed pouches.
• rep-qlc1: 2 pouches of QUANTI-Luc™
• rep-qlc2: 5 pouches of QUANTI-Luc™
Each pouch contains everything needed to prepare 25 ml of reagent allowing the preparation of 500 wells of a 96-well plate.

Product is shipped at room temparature.
Store at -20°C up to 12 months.
After preparation, product is stable 1 week at 4°C and at least 1 month at -20°C.

Note: This product is photosensitive and should be protected from light.


Key Features

One step reagent
No additional reagents required! QUANTI-Luc™ contains the coelenterazine substrate with stabilizers and all the necessary components for the luciferase assay. It comes lyophilized and just requires addition of water to prepare the assay reagent.

Substrate stability
When reconstituted the substrate is stable for up to a month in contrast to other commercially available coelenterazine-based assay buffers.
Amenable for multiple application use.

Low cost and versatile
Use for low or high throughput applications at lower cost compared to commercially available reagents. Not shipped on dry ice, easy to store and to use. Light emission can be measured using a luminometer without the
need for an automated injector.

Applications: Use with Lucia luciferase

Exceptional sensitivity and reproducibility
Optimized for the detection of Lucia, a luciferase producing 1000-fold higher bioluminescent signal compared to the commonly used Firefly and Renilla luciferases. Lucia luciferase is one log more sensitive than SEAP. InvivoGen has developed new reporter cell lines providing you with a choice of using SEAP or Lucia luciferase as the reporter :
- single promoter reporter cells, HEK-Dual™ IFN-γ and HEK-Dual™ TNF-α.
- double promoter reporter cells, THP1-Dual™ (NF-κB, ISG) and Jurkat-Dual™ (NF-κB, ISG).

No cell lysis required
Lucia luciferase is secreted into the cell culture media. Small sample volumes of 20 μl are sufficient.

Rapid acquisition of results
The signal stability of the reaction with Lucia luciferase allows for a single endpoint reading after addition of QUANTI-Luc™ to samples. Shortens time-to-results by half compared to other coelenterazine-utilizing luciferases.


QUANTI-Luc™ Procedure

QUANTI-Luc Procedure Step11. Prepare QUANTI-Luc™ reagent by adding 25 ml water to the contents of one pouch.


QUANTI-Luc Procedure Step2

2. Transfer samples, for instance 10 µl of media from cells containing the secreted luciferase to opaque 96-microwell plates suitable for your luminometer.


QUANTI-Luc Procedure Step3

3. Set up the luminometer prior to addition of 50 µl QUANTI-Luc™ reagent to each well either manually or by automated injection. Measure luminosity in endpoint mode when using Lucia luciferase or in kinetic mode depending on the coelenterazine-luciferase used.


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Description Secreted luciferase detection medium
Cat. Coderep-qlc1
Unit Size2 pouches (2 x 25ml)
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Description Secreted luciferase detection medium
Cat. Coderep-qlc2
Unit Size5 pouches (5 x 25ml)
Price For price or distributor address,
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