Multi-PRR Ligands

InvivoGen has developed a series of novel molecules designed to induce potent immune responses through the combined activation of several pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) that trigger different innate immune signaling pathways.

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These molecules are agonists for TLR2, TLR7 or both. In addition, some of these ligands have the ability to form complexes with nucleic acids (for example, double-stranded DNA, such as short oligonucleotides or plasmid DNA, or single-stranded RNA) and facilitate their penetration into the cell resulting in their recognition by additional PRRs that sense nucleic acids (e.g. the cytosolic DNA sensors DDX41 and IFI16 and the dsRNA receptors TLR3 and RIG-I/MDA-5).

Dual TLR Agonists

CL401 TLR2 & TLR7 Ligand 500 µg
Adilipoline™ (CL413) TLR2 & TLR7 Ligand 500 µg
CL531 TLR2 & TLR7 Ligand 500 µg
CL572 Human TLR2 & mouse and humanTLR7 Ligand 500 µg

TLR Agonists & Nucleic Acid Carriers

AdiFectin™ (CL347) TLR7 Ligand 500 µg
CL419 TLR2 Ligand 500 µg
PamadiFectin™ (CL553) TLR2 & TLR7 Ligand 500 µg

TLR & NOD Agonist

CL429 TLR2-NOD2 Ligand - Pam2C-conjugated murabutide 5 mg
CL429 VacciGrade™ TLR2 & NOD2-based adjuvant 5 mg
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