IL-23 Reporter HEK 293 Cells

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HEK-Blue™ IL-23 Cells

Human & Mouse IL-23 Reporter Cells

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3-7 x 10e6 cells


IL-23 Reporter Cells

IL-23 signaling pathway
IL-23 signaling pathway
in HEK-Blue™ IL-23 Cells

HEK-Blue™ IL-23 cells allow the detection of bioactive human and mouse interleukin-23 (IL-23). These cells derive from the human embryonic kidney HEK293 cell line. They can be used for the screening of anti-IL-23 antibodies.

IL-23, a member of the IL-12 family, is a key cytokine in the promotion of chronic inflammation [1-3].

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Cell line description:

HEK-Blue™ IL-23 cells were generated by stable transfection of HEK293 cells with the human genes for the IL-23 receptor and STAT3 to obtain a fully functional IL-23 signaling pathway. In addition, they express a STAT3-inducible secreted embryonic alkaline phosphatase (SEAP) reporter gene. For your convenience, InvivoGen provides QUANTI‑Blue™ Solution, an easy and rapid means to detect and quantify SEAP.

Features of HEK-Blue™ IL-23 cells:

  • Fully functional IL-23 signaling pathway
  • Readily assessable SEAP reporter activity
  • Functionally tested and guaranteed mycoplasma-free

Applications of HEK-Blue™ IL-23 cells:

  • Detection of human and murine IL-23
  • Screening of anti-IL-23 antibodies


Evaluation of IL-23 response in HEK-Blue™ IL-23 Cells
Evaluation of IL-23 response in HEK-Blue™ IL-23 Cells

Dose-response of HEK-Blue™ IL-23 cells to recombinant IL-23.

Cells were stimulated with increasing concentrations of recombinant human and murine IL-23. After overnight incubation, the STAT3 response was determined using QUANTI-Blue™, a SEAP detection reagent, and reading the optical density (OD) at 630 nm. EC50 values are shown as mean ± SD.

Evaluation of specificity in HEK-Blue™ IL-23 Cells
Evaluation of specificity in HEK-Blue™ IL-23 Cells

Cytokine response profile of HEK-Blue™ IL-23 cells.

Cells were stimulated with various human and murine recombinant cytokines; 3 ng/ml of hIL-23, mIL-23, hIL-27, mIL-27, hIL-12, mIL-12, hIL-4, hIL-6, hTNF-α, and 1x103 IU/ml hIFN-β. After overnight incubation, SEAP activity was assessed using QUANTI-Blue™. Of note, at high concentrations hIL-6 and hTNF-α may induce a weak response, while hIL-12 and mIL-12 do not induce a response even at high concentrations.

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Antibiotic resistance: blasticidinhygromycinZeocin®

Growth medium: DMEM, 4.5 g/l glucose, 2-4 mM L-glutamine, 10% (v/v) fetal bovine serum, 100 U/ml penicillin, 100 μg/ml streptomycin, 100 μg/ml Normocin™

Guaranteed mycoplasma-free

Specificity: human & murine IL-23

Detection range: 100 pg/ml - 10 ng/ml for hIL-23 & mIL-23


These cells are covered by a Limited Use License (See Terms and Conditions).

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Dry Ice Shipped on dry ice (Europe, USA, Canada and some areas in Asia)

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Interleukin 23 (IL-23), a member of the IL-12 family, is a heterodimeric cytokine composed of the IL-12p40 and IL-23p19 subunits.

IL-23 plays a crucial role in the development and maintenance of T helper 17 cells [1]. It acts by binding to a receptor complex consisting of the IL-12 receptor β1 (IL-12Rβ1) and the IL-23 receptor (IL-23R). Upon binding, IL-23 triggers a signaling pathway involving tyrosine kinase 2 (TyK2) and Janus kinase 2 (JAK2) leading to the activation of signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3).

IL-23 has been identified as a central cytokine in autoimmunity and a highly promising treatment target for inflammatory diseases [1-3].


1. Teng MW. et al., 2015. IL-23 and IL-23 cytokines: from discovery to targeted therapies for immune-mediated inflammatory diseases. Nat Med. 21(7):719‑29.
2. Vignali DA. & Kuchroo VK., 2012. IL-12 family cytokines: immunological playmakers. Nat Immunol. 13(8):722-8.
3. Duvallet E. et al., 2011. Interleukin-23: a key cytokine in inflammatory diseases. Ann Med. 43(7):503-11.


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