THP-1 monocytes

Engineered Human Reporter Monocytes

THP1 reporter cells are derived from THP-1, a human monocytic cell line that naturally expresses many pattern-recognition receptors, including Toll-like receptors.

InvivoGen offers several engineered THP-1 cell lines:

  • THP1 NF-κB cells were specifically designed for monitoring the NF-κB signal transduction pathway in a physiologically relevant cell line. They feature either the SEAP or the Lucia luciferase reporter gene.
  • THP1-Dual™ cells allow the simultaneous study of the NF-κB pathway, by monitoring the activity of SEAP, and the IRF pathway, by assessing the activity of luciferase.
  • Inflammasome test cells are engineered THP-1 monocytes to determine whether a signal activates the inflammasome and in particular the NLRP3 inflammasome.

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