Inflammasome Inducers

The inflammasome is a multiprotein complex involved in the production of mature IL-1β. It is activated by a large variety of microbial molecules, danger signals, and crystalline substances.

InvivoGen introduces inflammasome inducers, molecules that induce caspase-1 activation and IL-1β maturation by triggering the assembly of the NLRP3 or AIM2 inflammasome protein complexes. They act through various mechanisms, such as induction of cytosolic potassium efflux or phagosomal destabilization. We also offer inhibitors to confirm the ability of a given molecule to activate the inflammasome or to test the importance of phagocytosis or potassium efflux in this process. These inflammasome inducers and inhibitors have been validated using the IL-1β sensor cell line.


Practical guide on InflammasomesDownload our Practical guide on Inflammasomes


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