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Mincle Agonist

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Mincle Agonist - Synthetic analog of the cord factor

Trehalose-6,6-dibehenate (TDB) is a synthetic analog of trehalose-6,6-dimycolate (TDM, also known as cord factor), which is the most studied immunostimulatory component of Mycobacterium tuberculosis [1].

TDB binds the C-Type lectin Mincle (macrophage-inducible C-type lectin) [1,2]. Upon TDB recognition Mincle interacts with the Fc receptor common γ-chain (FcRγ), which triggers intracellular signaling through Syk leading to CARD9-dependent NF-κB activation.



1. Ishikawa, E. et al., 2009. Direct recognition of the mycobacterial glycolipid, trehalose dimycolate, by C-type lectin Mincle. J. Exp. Med. 206, 2879–2888.
2. Schoenen, H. et al., 2010. Cutting edge: Mincle is essential for recognition and adjuvanticity of the mycobacterial cord factor and its synthetic analog trehalose-dibehenate. J. Immunol. 184, 2756–2760.

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Specificity: Mincle agonist

Working concentration: 1 - 100 µg/ml

Endotoxin level: N/A

CAS number: 66758-35-8
Formula: C56H106O13
Molecular weight: 987.43

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  • 2 x 1 mg Trehalose-6,6-dibehenate (TDB)

Room temperature TDB is shipped at room temperature.

Store Upon receipt, store product at -20 °C. 

Stability Resuspended product is stable for 6 months at 4°C when properly stored.

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Chemical structure of TDB:

TDB chemical structure

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