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Dectin-1 ligand - Soluble beta-glucan from Laminaria digitata

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Soluble beta-glucan from Laminaria digitata - β(1➝3, 1➝6)-glucan

Laminarin from the brown seaweed Laminaria digitata is a linear β(1-3)-glucan with β(1-6)-linkages.

Laminarin can act either as a Dectin-1 antagonist or agonist [1]. It can bind to Dectin-1 without stimulating downstream signaling and is able to block binding to Dectin-1 of particulate β(1-3)-glucans, such as zymosan [2-3].

The activity of laminarin on Dectin-1 seems to vary depending on the purity of the laminarin preparation and the Dectin-1 isoform used [1, 4]. Cells expressing the human Dectin-1b isoform do not respond to laminarin, whereas cells expressing the human Dectin-1a isoform are highly responsive to laminarin [4].

The laminarin preparation provided by InvivoGen contains no detectable levels of endotoxin unlike other commercially available preparations [1].



1. Smith AJ. et al., 2017. Immunoregulatory Activity of the Natural Product Laminarin Varies Widely as a Result of Its Physical Properties. J Immunol. 200 (2):788-99.  
2. Goodridge HS. et al., 2011. Activation of the innate immune receptor Dectin-1 upon formation of a ‘phagocytic synapse’. Nature. 472(7344):471-5.
3. Rothfuchs AG. et al., 2007. Dectin-1 Interaction with Mycobacterium tuberculosis Leads to Enhanced IL-12p40 Production by Splenic Dendritic Cells. J Immunol. 179(6):3463-71.
4. InvivoGen insight. Summer 2013.

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Specificity: Dectin-1 ligand

CAS Number: 9008-22-4

Solubility: 20 mg/ml in water

Partial structure: β(1➝3, 1➝4)-glucan


b(1⇾3, 1⇾6)-linkages found in beta-glucan peptide

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  • 100 mg laminarin 

room temperature Laminarin is shipped at room temperature.

store Store at room temperature.

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Responses to b-glucans.

Responses to β-glucans.
RAW-Blue™ cells and HEK-Blue™ mDectin-1 cells, which express the mouse dectin-1a gene, were stimulated with 100 µg/ml of various β-glucans.
After 24h incubation, NF-κB activation was assessed by measuring the levels of SEAP (secreted embryonic alkaline phosphatase) using the QUANTI-Blue™ assay.


Stimulatory activity of Dectin-1 ligands

Stimulatory activity of Dectin-1 ligands:
HEK-Blue™ hDectin-1a and HEK-Blue™ hDectin-1b cells were stimulated with 1 µg/ml or 10 µg/ml Dectin-1 ligands, respectively, and 10 µg/ml TDB.
After 24h incubation, Dectin-1-induced NF-κB activation was assessed by measuring the levels of SEAP using the QUANTI-Blue™ assay.

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