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Beta-1,3-glucan from Alcaligenes faecalis

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Beta-1,3-glucan from Alcaligenes faecalis; Dectin-1 ligand

Curdlan is a high molecular weight linear polymer consisting of β-(1 -> 3)-linked glucose residues. Curdlan is produced as a water-insoluble polysaccharide by the soil bacterium, Alcaligenes faecalis.

Curdlan is recognized by the membrane bound Dectin-1 receptor leading to the CARD9-dependent activation of NF-κB and MAP kinases [1]. Furthermore, Dectin-1 signaling activates the NFAT transcription factor. Recent data suggest that Curdlan is also recognized by the cytosolic NLRP3 inflammasome complex which cooperates with Dectin-1 resulting in a robust activation of IL-1β–mediated inflammatory response [2].



1- Goodridge HS. et al., 2009. Beta-glucan recognition by the innate immune system. Immunol Rev. 230(1):38-50.
2- Kankkunen P., 2010. (1,3)-beta-glucans activate both dectin-1 and NLRP3 inflammasome in human macrophages. J Immunol. 184(11):6335-42.

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Specificity: Dectin-1 ligand

CAS number: 54724-00-4

Synonym: β-1,3-Glucan hydrate

Molecular Formula: (-C6H10O5-)

Quality control:

  • The Dectin-1 activity has been tested using cellular assays.
  • The presence of bacterial contamination (e.g. lipoproteins and endotoxins) has been assessed using HEK-Blue™ TLR2 and HEK-Blue™ TLR4 cells. 
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  • 1 g curdlan

room temperature Curdlan is shipped at room temperature.

store Store at room temperature.

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