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pDRIVE bearing human CEA / CEA promoter - LacZ

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20 µg



pDRIVE bearing human CEA / CEA promoter - SEAP

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20 µg



pDRIVE bearing human CEA / CEA promoter - Lucia

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20 µg

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Human CEA enhancer and promoter in pDRIVE expression plasmid

The carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) is a cell surface glycoprotein that is overexpressed in colorectal and other cancers of epithelial cell origin.

The CEA promoter has been used to induce tumor-selective expression of exogenous genes in human colorectal [1], gastric [2] and lung cancers.

In CEA producing cells, the CEA promoter has been shown to be as efficient as the SV40 enhancer/promoter in driving expression of therapeutic genes [1].



1. Cao G. et al. 1998. Comparison of carcinoembryonic antigen promoter regions isolated from human colorectal carcinoma and normal adjacent mucosa to induce strong tumorspecific gene expression. Int J Cancer 78:242-247.
2. Lan KH. et al. 1997. In vivo selective gene expression and therapy mediated by adenoviral vectors for human carcinoembryonic antigen-producing gastric carcinoma. Cancer Res. 57(19):4279-84. 

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pDRIVE bearing human CEA / CEA promoter - LacZ, SEAP or Lucia
Gene Promoter: CEA : Carcinoma Antigen
Specificity: Epithelial cancers
Backbone: pDRIVE, pDRIVE5-SEAP or pDRIVE5-Lucia
Selection: Zeocin™

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pDRIVE contents

  • 20 µg of lyophilized DNA
  • 1 ml of Zeocin™ (100 mg/ml)

room temperature Product is shipped at room temperature

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