STING Ligands

Cyclic dinucleotides, xanthenone derivative, and diABZI

Cyclic dinucleotides (CDNs), the xanthenone derivative DMXAA, and diABZI have been found to bind and activate STING (Stimulator of IFN genes), and ultimately lead to a potent type I IFN response.

Notably, CDNs are important messengers in bacteria affecting numerous responses of the prokaryotic cell. In mammalian cells, CDNs are potent inducers of the innate immune response, and thus they represent a promising new class of vaccine adjuvants.

To assist your research needs, InvivoGen provides a large collection of STING agonists. Some are available in two grades:

  • InvivoGen Standard Grade: purity ≧ 95%, validated using cell-based assays
  • VacciGrade™: sterility guaranteed and endotoxin level < 1 EU/mg, in addition to the above-mentioned criteria


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