HEK-Dual™ TLR cells

HEK-Dual™ TLR (NF/IL8) cells are a collection of HEK 293 engineered cell lines designed to provide a rapid, sensitive and reliable method to screen and validate TLR agonists or antagonists.

In addition to the monitoring of TLR-induced NF-κB/AP-1 activation, HEK-Dual™ TLR (NF/IL8) cells allow the monitoring of TLR-induced IL-8 expression. They stably co-express a TLR gene, an NF-κB/AP1-inducible SEAP reporter gene, and the Lucia Luciferase reporter gene placed under the control of the endogenous IL-8 promoter (through the use of knockin technology). Furthermore, these cells have been engineered to eliminate the endogenous activity of TLR3, TLR5 and TNFR (Tumor Necrosis Factor receptor).

The activity of the reporter proteins, SEAP and Lucia luciferase, can be conveniently assayed in the cell supernatants using the SEAP detection reagents, QUANTI-Blue™ or HEK-Blue™ Detection, and the Lucia detection reagent, QUANTI-Luc™.

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