RAW 264.7 macrophages cell lines

RAW 264.7 cells are a macrophage-like, Abelson leukemia virus-transformed cell line derived from BALB/c mice. This cell line is a commonly used model of mouse macrophages for the study of cellular responses to microbes and their products.

InvivoGen has developed RAW-Blue cells and RAW-Lucia cells, which express a secreted inducible reporter gene to monitor the activation of the NF-κB or interferon regulatory factor (IRF) pathway, respectively.

RAW-Blue cells express the secreted alkaline phosphatase (SEAP) reporter gene. RAW-Lucia™ cells express the Lucia luciferase reporter gene.

A collection of knockout cell lines has been generated in the RAW-Lucia™ ISG cell line for genes involved in the recognition of nucleic acids. The knockout genotype of these cell lines is guaranteed. The frameshift mutation/deletion on both alleles of the target gene has been verified by DNA sequencing.

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