Heavy chain (CH)

pFUSE-CHIg expresses the constant region of the heavy chain (CH) of human, mouse or rabbit immunoglobulin isotypes. They contain a multiple cloning site (MCS) upstream of the constant region to enable the cloning of the variable (VH) region of a given antibody, Fab, scFv. pFUSE-CHIg plasmids express a large choice of isotypes of the heavy chain constant region.

All pFUSE-CHIg plasmids are available with or without the IL2 signal sequence. Addition of this signal sequence allows the secretion of recombinant immunoglobulin generated using Fab or scFv fragments selected from phage display libraries that lack a signal sequence.

pFUSE-CHIg plasmids allow the generation of monoclonal antibodies when used in association with pFUSE-CLIg plasmids. Antibodies generated using pFUSE-CHIg and pFUSE-CLIg can be purified from the supernatant of transfected cells using the appropriate affinity chromatography (i.e. Protein A, Protein G, Protein L, Peptide M, ...)

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