pDRIVE-Ubiquitin B

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pDRIVE bearing human Ubiquitin B promoter - LacZ

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20 µg



pDRIVE bearing human Ubiquitin B promoter - SEAP

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20 µg



pDRIVE bearing human Ubiquitin B promoter - Lucia

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20 µg

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Ubiquitin B promoter (Ubiquitous) in pDRIVE expression plasmid

Ubiquitin B (Ubi B) is a small highly conserved protein that is abundantly expressed in all eukaryotic cells. Ubi B is involved in the degradation of short-lived regulatory proteins as well as abnormal/mutated proteins and in the processing of major histocompatibility class I-restricted antigens [1].

A 1.1 kb fragment from the ubiquitin B gene was shown to display sustained expression of a transgene in vitro and in vivo.

Twenty days post-injection, the levels of expression were similar to those obtained with the CMV promoter and were higher 35 days post-injection [2].



1. Ciechanover A. and Schwartz AL. 1998. The ubiquitin-proteasome pathway: the complexity and myriad functions of proteins death. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 95(6):2727-30.
2. Yew NS. et al. 2001. High and sustained transgene expression in vivo from plasmid vectors containing a hybrid ubiquitin promoter. Mol Ther. 4(1):75-82.

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pDRIVE bearing human Ubiquitin B promoter - LacZ, SEAP or Lucia

Gene Promoter:

Specificity: Ubiquitous

Backbone: pDRIVE, pDRIVE5-SEAP or pDRIVE5-Lucia

Selection: Zeocin™

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pDRIVE contents

  • 20 µg of lyophilized DNA
  • 1 ml of Zeocin™ (100 mg/ml)

room temperature Product is shipped at room temperature

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