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ssRNA40 control
4 x 25 µg

Negative control for ssRNA40/LyoVec™

ssRNA41 is a 20-mer phosphothioate protected single-stranded RNA oligonucleotide. It derives from ssRNA40 by replacement of all U nucleotides with adenosine [1].

ssRNA41 is complexed with the cationic lipid LyoVec™, to protect it from degradation and facilitate its uptake, and lyophilized to generate ssRNA41/LyoVec™.

Unlike ssRNA40, ssRNA41 is unable to induce the production of type IFNs, and therefore can be used as a negative control for ssRNA40 [1, 2].



1. Heil F. et al., 2004. Species-specific recognition of single-stranded RNA via toll-like receptor 7 and 8. Science. 5;303(5663):1526-9.
2. Alter G. et al., 2007. Single-Stranded RNA Derived from HIV-1 Serves as a Potent Activator of NK Cells. J Immunol. 178:7658-7666.

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Specificity: human TLR8/mouse TLR7 agonist

Working Concentration: 0.25 - 5 μg/ml

Sequence: ssRNA41 5’-GsCsCsCsGsAsCsAsGsAsAsGsAsGsAsGsAsCsAsC-3’
(“s” depicts a phosphothioate linkage)

Solubility: 0.05 mg/ml in water

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  • 4 x 25 μg lyophilized ssRNA41/LyoVec™ 1:2 ratio (w/w)

Note: Each vial contains 25 μg of ssRNA41 complexed with 50 µg LyoVec™.

  • 10 ml endotoxin-free water

room temperature ssRNA41/LyoVec™ is provided lyophilized and shipped at room temperature.

store Store at -20 ̊C.

stability Lyophilized product is stable 1 year at -20 ̊C.

Upon resuspension, store product at 4°C. Resuspended product is stable 1 week at 4°C.

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