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Class B - FITC-labeled ODN 1826
50 µg

FITC labeled CpG oligonucleotide - Murine TLR9 ligand

ODN 1826 FITC is a CpG ODN class B specific for murine TLR9.

ODN 1826 FITC can be used to evaluate CpG ODN cellular uptake and localization by confocal laser-scanning microscopy (excitation 495 nm, emission 520 nm) or flow cytometry.

CpG ODNs are synthetic oligonucleotides that contain unmethylated CpG dinucleotides in particular sequence contexts (CpG motifs).

These CpG motifs are present at a 20-fold greater frequency in bacterial DNA compared to mammalian DNA.

They have been shown to induce a coordinated set of immune responses based on the activation of immune cells primarily involved in the recognition of these molecules.

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Specificity: murine TLR9 agonist

Working concentration: 1-5 μM

ODN 1826 sequence : 5’-tccatgacgttcctgacgtt-3’ (20 mer)
Note: Bases are phosphorothioate (nuclease resistant).

Spectral Properties of FITC
Excitation λ max: 495 nm
Emission λ max: 520 nm

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  • 50 μg (7.31 nmol) lyophilized ODN 1826 labeled with FITC at the 3’ terminus
  • 1 ml sterile endotoxin-free water

room temperature ODN 1826 FITC is shipped at room temperature.

store Store at -20°C. Resuspended product should be stored at -20°C and protected from light.

stable Product is stable for 6 months.

Alert Protect from light. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

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