Reporter Cell Lines

InvivoGen offers a large panel of cell lines engineered to provide simple, rapid and reliable monitoring of innate immunity-specific signaling pathways.

Our cells stably express one or two reporter proteins, the secreted embryonic alkaline phosphatase (SEAP) and/or the Lucia luciferase.

Both systems offer the great advantage of being secreted outside the cell, allowing for multiple and non-destructive readings over time.

InvivoGen has developed easy-to-use detection reagents: HEK-Blue™ and QUANTI-Blue™ for SEAP monitoring using a spectrophotometer, and QUANTI-Luc™ and QUANTI-Gold™ for Lucia luciferase monitoring with a luminometer.


InvivoGen’s expanding collection of reporter cells are of human or mouse, hematopoietic or non-hematopoietic origin.

Six major families of reporter cells are available to meet your research needs:

  • PRR reporter cells (TLRs, CLRs, CDSs & STING, NLRs, RLRs, AhR, inflammasomes)
  • Transcription factor reporter cells (NF-κB, IRF or NFAT pathways)
  • Cytokine reporter cells
  • Autophagy reporter cells
  • Knock-out reporter cells

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