Raji B lymphocytes cell lines

Engineered human Raji lymphoma cells - antigen-presenting cells and target cells

InvivoGen provides a collection of Raji-derived B cell lines. Raji lymphoblast-like cells were established from a patient with Burkitt's lymphoma. Historically, these suspension cells have proven to be convenient target cells in studies assessing the effector functions mediated by monoclonal antibodies. Raji target cells can be cocultured with peripheral blood mononuclear cells, Natural Killer cells, or Jurkat-derived reporter T cells.

All our cell lines are extensively tested for viabilitystabilitybiological activity, and absence of mycoplasma to ensure strong and reproducible results. Moreover, we provide detailed handling and experimental procedures for all cell lines, to minimize the need for optimization or troubleshooting by the end-user.

Raji cell line collection

Key features

  • Verified surface overexpression of specific [HLA::peptide], or protein of interest, including immune checkpoints
  • Functionally tested and guaranteed mycoplasma-free


InvivoGen's Raji-APC-Null Cells feature a stable specific [HLA::peptide] expression, as well as endogenous CD80/86 costimulatory molecule expression. They were engineered to be used as antigen-presenting cells (APC) for our Jurkat-Lucia™ TCR-derived cells. Raji-APC-Null cells express immune checkpoints (ICs) at very low to barely detectable levels, so they serve as control APC for InvivoGen's anti-immune checkpoint cell-based assays (Bio-IC™).

Our Raji target cells stably express a protein of interest for cancer therapeutic studies (e.g. immune checkpoints). They can be used as target cell lines for ADCC and ADCP assays using InvivoGen's Jurkat-Lucia™ NFAT-CD16 cells and Jurkat-Lucia™ NFAT-CD32 cells, respectively. 


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