Raji B lymphocytes

Human antigen-presenting cells and target cells

Raji lymphoblast-like cells were established from a Burkitt lymphoma patient. Historically, these cells have proven to be convenient target cells in studies assessing the effector functions mediated by monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).

InvivoGen has designed a collection of Raji-derived cell lines that can be used as:

  • Target cells in antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) or antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis (ADCP), either with peripheral blood mononuclear cells, Natural Killer cells, or Jurkat-derived reporter T cells.
    Raji-target cells stably express a protein of interest for cancer therapeutic studies (e.g. immune checkpoints (ICs)).
  • Antigen-presenting cells (APCs) in screening bioassays for new molecules, including mAbs, interfering with immune checkpoints.
    Raji-APC cells feature stable cell surface expression of a specific [HLA::peptide] complex, providing a cognate TCR stimulation on Jurkat-Lucia™ TCR-derived cells.
    Raji-APC cells stably overexpressing an IC molecule (e.g. hPD-L1) are part of InvivoGen’s anti-IC assay (Bio-IC™).

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