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The secreted embryonic alkaline phosphatase SEAP is a reporter protein widely used to study promoter activity or gene expression. SEAP is a truncated form of the human placental alkaline phosphatase (PLAP). Unlike endogenous alkaline phosphatases, PLAP is extremely heat stable and resistant to the inhibitor L-homoarginine.

SEAP is secreted into the cell culture supernatant and therefore, offers many advantages over intracellular reporters. SEAP allows the determination of reporter activity without disturbing the cells, leaving them intact for further experimentation. It does not require the preparation of cell lysates and can be used for kinetic studies. 


To support your research, InvivoGen provides a growing collection of SEAP products: 

—  SEAP reporter detection reagents for real-time detection and quantification of SEAP - HEK-Blue™ Detection & QUANTI-Blue™

—  Plasmids for in vivo & in vitro use - SEAP gene, dual reporter or inducible reporter plasmids 

—  SEAP gene or protein - Recombinant or Fc-tagged SEAP protein


Key features of SEAP Reporter Systems

  • Easy-to-use reagents available
  • Adaptable for high-throughput screens (HTS)  
  • Quantifiable and reliable results
  • SEAP activity is measurable in the supernatant without disturbing cells 


InvivoGen offers two easy-to-use products to perform colorimetric assays and measure the SEAP enzyme activity in the cell culture supernatant. Our SEAP detection media HEK-Blue™ Detection and QUANTI-Blue™ are highly sensitive for quantitative measurement. They have a higher saturation threshold than with pNPP (p-nitrophenyl phosphate) resulting in more significant differences between no, low, or high AP activity. QUANTI-Blue™ is a detection reagent developed to determine the levels of SEAP in biological samples, whereas HEK-Blue™ Detection is a cell culture medium that detects SEAP as it is secreted by the cells. It contains all the nutrients necessary for cell growth as well as a SEAP-specific colorimetric substrate.

For your convenience, InvivoGen also provides a large collection of ready-to-use reporter cells of various backgrounds (HEK293, THP-1, Ramos, RAW,...), expressing one or two inducible reporter genes SEAP and/or Lucia luciferase. 



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