KO Cell Lines

InvivoGen provides a series of knockout cell lines (KO cell lines) generated by gene editing in popular cell lines, such as RAW 264.7 mouse macrophage and THP-1 human monocyte.

The genes targeted for KO are involved in the IFN response to nucleic acids (e.g. double-stranded DNA or RNA) and to cyclic dinucleotides (CDNs).

These genes include those encoding for the cytosolic DNA sensor cGAS, the cytosolic RNA sensor RIG-I, the cytosolic CDN sensor (and cGAS adaptor) STING, and the IFN signaling mediator TBK1.

Coupled with their parental cell lines, InvivoGen’s KO cell lines are useful for studying the function of these genes and for screening for molecules that activate pathways involving the proteins encoded by these genes.

The KO status of each cell line is thoroughly tested as follows:

  • Biallelic mutation/deletion confirmed by PCR and DNA sequencing
  • Reporter activity validated by functional assays
  • KO stability guaranteed up to 20 passages.

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