pFUSE-mIgG2B-Fc1 Unit size Cat. code Docs Qty Price
20 µg
pFUSE-mIgG2B-Fc2 Unit size Cat. code Docs Qty Price
20 µg

pFUSE-mIgG2b-Fc1 is a cloning plasmid for the generation of a Fc-fusion protein expressing the Fc region (CH2 and CH3 domains) of the murine IgG2b heavy chain and the hinge region. The hinge serves as a flexible spacer between the two parts of the Fc-fusion protein, allowing each part of the molecule to function independently. Murine IgG2b displays high ADCC and CDC.

pFUSE-mIgG2b-Fc2 additionally features the IL2 signal sequence for the generation of Fc-Fusion proteins derived from proteins that are not naturally secreted.

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Isotype : IgG2B mouse
Effector Activities : ADCC+++, CDC +++
Protein A binding: +++
Protein G binding: +++

Both plasmids are selectable with Zeocin™.

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• 20 μg of lyophilized DNA
• 4 pouches of E. coli Fast-Media® Zeo (2 TB and 2 Agar)

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