Reporter Detection Kits

Gene reporter systems are extensively used for the study of eukaryotic  gene expression and cellular events coupled to gene expression. Typically the reporter gene of choice is cloned with a promoter sequence of interest into an expression vector that is then tranferred into cells.

Cells are subsequently assayed for the presence of the reporter by directly measuring the reporter protein itself or the enzymatic  activity of the reporter protein, either in vitro or in vivo. An ideal reporter system has no background activity and quantitative measurements are made using assays that are easy, sensitive and  reliable.

InvivoGen provides two reporter gene systems:

  • Secreted embryonic alkaline phosphatase (SEAP) reporter gene system

SEAP is readily quantified by measuring the enzyme activity in the supernatant of  cultured cells (like InvivoGen's Reporter Cells) using the colorimetric assays, QUANTI-Blue™ and HEK-Blue™ Detection.

  • Secreted  synthetic coelenterazine luciferase Lucia reporter gene system

Lucia luciferase can be directly measured in the cell culture supernatant using the innovative and ready-to-use bioluminescent assay reagent QUANTI-Luc™.

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