Innate Immunity Signaling Inhibitors

InvivoGen offers a selection of inhibitors targeting different innate immunity pathways:

  • at the receptor/sensor level
  • at distinct steps of intracellular signaling

Depending on your needs, you may choose from our collection of high-quality and functionally-tested molecules:

PRR inhibitors

This family includes TLR, RLR, CDS & STING, CLR, and AhR inhibitors.

Inflammasome inhibitors

This family includes NLRP3 or AIM2 sensors and caspase inhibitors.

Kinase inhibitors

This family includes regulators of apical kinases, such as JAK1/JAK2, as well as inhibitors of downstream kinases, such as TBK1/IKKε, PI3K, IκB-α, MAPK, and MEK1/MEK2.

Autophagy modulators

This family includes small molecules targeting mTORc1 or other regulators of essential actors for the autophagy process.


See our Poster on Inhibitor Signaling Pathways

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