NOD1 Agonists

iE-DAP and Derivatives

NOD1 (CARD4) is a member of the family of Nod-like receptors (NLRs, also known as CATERPILLER), characterized by a nucleotide-oligomerization domain (NOD) and ligand-recognizing leucine-rich repeats.

NOD1 is an intracellular pattern-recognition molecule involved in the recognition of peptidoglycan (PGN).

NOD1 senses the iE-DAP dipeptide which is found in PGN of all Gram-negative and certain Gram-positive bacteria.

InvivoGen provides iE-DAP, the minimal motif recognized by NOD1, and iE-DAP derivatives that stimulate NOD1 at concentrations lower than the original iE-DAP.

The functionality of these NOD1 ligands is validated using HEK-Blue™ NOD1 Cells.

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