Fc-fusion Proteins

Structural features of Fc-fusion proteins
Structural features of Fc-fusion proteins

Fc-fusion proteins are composed of the Fc domain of IgG linked to a peptide or protein of interest. These include, but are not limited too:

  • The extracellular domain of a pattern recognition receptors (PRRs)
  • Ligands activated upon cell-surface receptor binding
  • Signaling molecules (e.g. cytokines)

Fc-fusion proteins can be used for a number of applications including flow cytometry (FC) and protein binding assays. For these in vitro applications, the Fc domain provides support to the attached protein of interest which retains its native biological activity.  Furthermore, the Fc domain can improve the solubility and stability of some binding partners.

InvivoGen's collection of Fc-fusion proteins are expressed in CHO cells and purified by protein G affinity chromatography.

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