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Antimicrobial agent for primary cells
500 mg (10 x 1 ml)
1 g (1 x 20 ml)

Antimicrobial agent | Primocin™ | InvivoGen

Antimicrobial agent for primary cells

Primocin™ is the first antibiotic formulation designed to offer complete protection of primary cell lines from microbial contaminations.

  • Active against both Gram+ and Gram- bacteria, mycoplasmas and fungi
  • No need to add Penicillin or Streptomycin
  • Non-toxic to primary cells

Primocin™ contains four compounds. Three of these compounds act on Gram+ bacteria, Gram- bacteria, and mycoplasmas by blocking DNA and protein synthesis. The fourth compound eradicates fungi, including yeasts, by disrupting ionic exchange through the cell membrane. 

Primocin™ has been used successfully with many primary cells, including mouse- and human-tumor derived cell lines [1], embryonic cells [2] and induced pluripotent stem cells [3-6].



1. Sanchez-Laorden B. et al., 2014. BRAF Inhibitors Induce Metastasis in RAS Mutant or Inhibitor-Resistant Melanoma Cells by Reactivating MEK and ERK Signaling. Sci Signal., 7(318)
2. Lionnet T. et al., 2011. A transgenic mouse for in vivo detection of endogenous labeled mRNA. Nat Methods., 8(2):165-70
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6. Zhou T. et al., 2012. Generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells from urine samples. Nat Protoc. 7(12):2080-9.


Primocin™ by InvivoGen
Primocin™ by InvivoGen
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Product concentration: 50 mg/ml

Recommended working concentration: 100 μg/ml

One 1 ml vial of Primocin™ is sufficient to treat 500 ml of culture.
One 20 ml bottle of Primocin™ is sufficient to treat 10 liters of culture.

Physicochemical characterization: pH and appearance

Endotoxin level: < 0.5 EU/mg

Cell culture tested: potency validated on bacterial and fungal reference strains

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Primocin™ is provided as a cell culture tested, sterile filtered, light yellow solution at a concentration of 50 mg/ml.

This product is available in two pack sizes:

  • ant-pm-1 - 10 x 1 ml vial (500 mg)
  • ant-pm-2 - 1 x 20 ml bottle (1 g)

Primocin™ is shipped at room temperature.
Upon receipt Primocin™ can be stored at 4°C for 3 months or at -20°C for long term storage

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